“Istanbul School of Journalism”, the first school of journalism was established as a secondary school by Müderris Yahya Fehmi Tuna in 1948 in Şehzadebaşı. 

This school established by Tuna, after moving to its new building in Findikzade in 1966-1967, constitutes the core of what is called the Faculty of Communication at Marmara University today.

Istanbul School of Journalism which was established as a private school in 1966-1967 turned into a public institution in 1971 to operate under Istanbul Academy of Economics and Administrative Sciences and was called “Istanbul College of Journalism”. The school began to offer a 4-year college education in 1973.

Our faculty officially became part of Marmara University on 20 July 1982 under the name of College of Press, and then changed its name to Faculty of Communication in 1992. The current departments at our faculty were established on 24 June 1993 upon the approval of the Institute of Higher Education.

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