Dean's Message

Our faculty carries a great tradition and heritage from 1948. It has reached a stage that can respond to today's world by enriching its structure with new names, new sciences, and new academic participations sensitively and openly to dramatic changes experienced by our country and the world.


Our Faculty of Communication is an academic world that strives to use modern communication discourses, tools, and perspectives, and aims to make students understand this. In the Global Age, it carries these forward by further renewing them. In this context, sub-disciplines, academic staff, infrastructure, and technological equipment will always be in the process of development. Our Faculty of Communication trains journalists, television actors, film directors, and public relations experts in Turkey, the region, and the world.


Our Faculty of Communication offers a rich research opportunity with its extensive academic staff. With its graduate programs, it maintains academic competence in a way that can meet the needs of its country and the world. In this respect, our faculty is a world of theoretical development. Its autonomous scientific environment, valuable academic staff, and scientific research tradition make notable contributions in this respect.


Dear students,


Our Faculty of Communication provides you foremost opportunities to develop your skills, gain professional training, and obtain self-confidence by acquiring a social environment. Our technological infrastructure, academic staff, and physical environments will always serve you. You will accomplish as citizens who have a professional background in line with the necessities of the global world, think, research, and question. Our laboratories, preparatory language school, graduate education in a foreign language with thirty percent will prepare you for the new global world.


Faculty of Communication is a school located in Istanbul, which has a long history and a vibrant media world. With this concept, it gives you a wide range of socialization and professional experience opportunities. Students will develop in the environment of both Istanbul and our faculty.


Dear academicians,


The tradition of our faculty will always progress through regeneration. We are a school open to developments in Turkey and in the world, looking positively to the cooperation with the media industry, encouraging students to become investigative and critically thinking individuals. We create an exciting working environment with a wide network of programs, student diversity, and infrastructure opportunities. We all know that science is made with excitement, belief, interest, thinking, and research. As academics, we are responsible for making our students equipped to meet national and global demands. In this historical period that Turkey mobilized to thrive and develop, we must participate in this process with communication experts, research projects, and academic outcomes.


With my deepest regard.



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