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What is known as the Faculty of Communication at Marmara University today was established by Müderris Yahya Fehmi Tuna as Istanbul School of Journalism, as the first school of journalism in the nation in Şehzadebaşı in 1948. Having undergone several administrative and structural changes especially in the years of 1966-1967 and 1971-1973, it officially became part of Marmara University on 20 July 1982 under the name of College of Press, and then changed its name to Faculty of Communication in 1992.



Public Relations

Radio, Television and Cinema

Department of Journalism

Our journalism department offers four programs: Journalism, Media Economics and Management, Media Techniques and Informatics. The goal of our program is to equip our students with the necessary skills on media education, media literacy, media criticism, media analysis, news coverage and writing techniques.

Public Relations

Our public relations department offers four programs: Interpersonal Relations, Advertising, Research Methods and Public Relations. In our Public Relations program, we aim to educate communication professionals who recognize and appreciate the power of public relations, advertising and communication and who could use this power responsibly.  Our students specialize in desktop publishing, digital communication design, and internet and multimedia in addition to taking basic courses.

Radio, Television and Cinema

Our radio, television and cinema department offers four programs: Radio-Television, Cinema, Communication Science and Photography. Our goal is to equip our students with the necessary skills for radio and television broadcasting and production. Our department provides education and encourages research on social, economic and political life and events.

Job Opportunities

Our alumni enjoy a number of job opportunities upon graduation. They mostly pursue their career –besides academia- in the media sector (as correspondents, journalists, screenwriters, film editors, cameramen, page designers, radio-TV program producers, etc.) marketing, public relations, advertising and sales departments (as public relations specialists, strategic communication coordinators, press counselors, customer representatives, media planners, copyrighters, creative directors and brand managers), human resources, personnel departments, tourism, transportation, banking, insurance, and protocol units of related sectors (as press/media coordinators and counselors), media management and informatics, opinion polls and marketing research.   




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